Speed Review Feedback

image1-2This afternoon, after we were given time to think about the brief and ideas, we were set a task where we had to give critical feedback to our peers, but we were paired up with people who we would not normally choose to work with. We had six minutes, to discuss with our partner, what our idea is, what we must consider in terms of planning, any issues we may have and how we would overcome them.

I found Lottie and Sophie’s feedback the most affective as they came up with suggestions and ideas as to how I could develop my original idea. Lottie suggested that I shoot two seasons in the studio and the other two on location, to show a variation and that I have both studio skills and am capable to confidently work outdoors. Sophie suggested booking back up models, incase a model cancels last minute, this would mean I would not have to miss a day shooting.

Ryan made a comment about shooting seasons will be very difficult and the viewers may not understand my concept as the project is over a four month period, whereas he was stating the four seasons take place over a twelve month period. I understand what Ryan was saying, but I am going to be using props in my shoots to determine what season I am shooting. I will be using a lot of colour in my images too and I am planning on basing each season around a group of colours.


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