Eirik Solheim

I stumbled across Eirik Solheim’s work on Flickr, when I was looking at some photographs of the different seasons. Solheim lives in Oslo, Norway and has a huge interest in nature. He began a project in 2005 documenting the change in seasons outside, from his living room window. His first project was simply a few still images, which were taken on a compact camera. Then in 2011, Eirik began a time lapse project, to do this, he used an SLR camera, which was placed in his bedroom window, in the same spot for a whole year, snapping an image every half an hour. Solheim was left with a total of 16000 images, which he cut down to 3888 and turned into this incredible time lapse image.


The image shows one whole year, January on the left, with December on the right. From looking at the image, you can see Norway has a rather long Winter and a decent Summer. However, the Spring and Autumn are both quite short. I am doing a lot of research into the four seasons, as this will help me choose what colours to base each season around.




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