Erik Johansson

This morning we looked at the work of Erik Johansson’s work, which I was completely blown away by. Erik Johansson is a photographer and retoucher from Sweden based in Prague, Czech Republic and Sweden. He works on both personal and commissioned projects with clients all around the world. Johansson has been lucky enough to work for companies such as Google, Adobe, Microsoft and National Geographic. Erik doesn’t capture moments, he captures ideas. With the help of his camera and Photoshop the goal is to make it look as realistic as possible. Having researched into Erik’s work, It made me realise how little I know about digital manipulation and was amazed by the outcomes he produces. I watched a couple of short videos on how he goes from the starting image to the final piece and discovered it takes Erik Johansson a year to create five projects, due to the amount of digital manipulation that he uses.



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