Shoot 1 Summer- Contact Sheet

Today was all about my Summer shoot. I had booked out equipment in advance, making sure I had everything needed. My model arrived at 9am, when I began creating the Summer look I was going for. The look took just under two hours to create and I was incredibly proud of the outcome, it turned out even better than I had hoped.

Once the makeup and hair was complete, I then went into the studio to set up for the afternoon, which did not take very long. I was shooting with a green screen, as I want to change the background later in post production to a full colour. I have to admit, the green screen was really putting me off as the colour was so overwhelming, but I had to keep telling myself that it wouldn’t be staying there.

Originally I had curled my models hair and volumised it, as I wanted the butterflies to sit nicely on top. However, when getting into the studio and looking at my model on the chair, the hairstyle was really not working for me. I had purposely chosen Suki, to model, as she has an amazing bone structure to her face with a very prominent jaw line, but I felt the hair was almost hiding that. After thinking about how to solve the issue, I thought by tying her hair back, in a tight bun, that would help to accentuate her features, rather than hide them. This instantly worked for me and I was a lot happier, it also allowed you to be able to see the makeup more.

I had my model sit at an angle, as when shooting front on, the makeup did not stand out as much and I wanted to be able to catch the highlight on her cheek bones.

After shooting a lot of her face, catching the detail of the makeup, I wanted to include more of her body. I decided to stick butterflies on her back, which worked really well and made the butterflies look magical.

Some of my images were underexposed, however I struggled getting the correct exposure with the over whelming green screen. Although, overall I was impressed with how the day went and I look forward to playing around in Photoshop with the images.


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