Shoot 1 Summer- Final Image


After a lot of post production, I have finalised my Summer image. For the Summer show, I am wanting to exhibit four final images, my favourite from each season. I picked this image, as the angle allowed the pink and glitter to really pop, I found when my model was facing straight on, the colour was not as vibrant as I would have liked.

Originally, the butterflies were only placed in her hair, but when looking at the images on the camera, something was missing and the image did not look as exciting as I wanted it too. I decided to add the butterflies to her back, using different sized ones and colours. I found it just framed the image, and was the icing on the cake!

One issue that I had to overcome was using the green screen. Having never used a green screen before, I guessed that it would be a rather simple task, however I was wrong. Having done a lot of research into using a green screen, every tutorial and blog post I looked at, talked about using the ‘refine edge’ tool. However, with the new update, the refine edge tool had been removed. Therefore, I had to find another way. After watching many videos on Youtube, I came across a very helpful video, which allowed me to do exactly what I wanted, as well as making sure my models baby hairs were not cut out, as this made the image look very unnatural.

When I attempted cutting the background out for the first time, it looked very messy and you could tell the image had been stuck on. So it took me about five attempts until I was really happy with my outcome. I am glad I kept on trying until I was pleased with my work, as this means I am more likely to get it right first time on my next shoot.

Overall, I am really happy with my final image for Summer. The final image is the sort of thing I had planned out in my head, with glitter and very vibrant. I am hoping I will continue to excel in my other three main shoots and have a strong set of four images for my Summer Show.


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