Shoot 1 Summer- Step By Step

After creating a survey and asking the general public if they would spare a few minutes to complete my survey, it has helped me to choose a colour theme for each season. I had a brief idea about the sort of colours I wanted to work with as I wanted my images to be bright and eye catching but I wanted to hear other peoples opinions. The outcome of my survey resulted in the majority of the public choosing pinks. I already knew that my Spring shoot was going to be based around pastel colours, therefore I knew it would have to be bright pink tones for Summer.


As I want each season to stand out and people to be able to recognise each season from one single image, I brought props for each season. Again, I asked the public what they relate to each season and a very popular answer was butterflies. I instantly knew this would work wonderfully with what I had in mind, so I found myself online for hours, searching for props. I will link the products and prices down below.

When creating the look on my model, I took several images of the process as I wanted to be able to see how I got from A to B. Despite the makeup and hair taking two hours to complete, I was incredibly proud of the outcome of my Summer look.

image1 (1)

Products brought for my Summer Shoot:


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