Autumn is the transition season between Summer and Winter, best noticed by the colour change in leaves and the harvest. It is a time when the earths colours prevail and the natural choice for muted warm colours. Typically Autumn colours are rust, real, salmon, avocado green, mustard, brick red and beige. Autumn leaves, campfires, pumpkins and all of nature reflect perfectly the colours of the Autumn palette.

Perhaps the most noticeable sign of Autumn in the UK is the changing colours of the leaves. As a result of the falling temperatures in Autumn, the chemical in the leaves that make them green, begins to break down while other chemicals remain to give the leaves their yellow, red and brown colours.

Just like the other seasons, I asked the same group of people, what they relate Autumn too. Some of the answers included, hay bales, warm colours, pumpkins, bonfires, apple trees, cinnamon and pickling spices.


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