Winter, a time when the sky is often grey, pairs perfectly with the grey toned muted cool colours, such as slate blue, Winter white, mauve and an endless variety of pastels and icy colours. Winter’s colours are like a snowscape: icy, muted, subtly greyed and very subdued.

Winter is a time of greyness and cold and we often withdraw into the warmth and security of our homes. There is less light, because the days are shorter. Winter colours have less brilliancy than the colours of Summer and their soft tones are also more introversive or reclusive as we often are in Winter.

When I asked the same group of people what they thought of, when I said the word Winter, some of the answers were snow, ice, cold, frost, Christmas, bitter, and festive. All these words, give me ideas and inspiration for my shoots. For example, I could invest in some artificial snow and ice, which I can use on my model.





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