Zena Holloway


Zena Holloway is an underwater photographer based in London. Underwater photography is a great way to focus on formation and shape which is something Holloway does very often. She does a lot of high fashion work underwater which means that the materials aren’t so controllable.

A good thing about being underwater is that it has a completely different feel to anything else. It’s silent, the water moving makes materials and hair float about and create shapes you wouldn’t necessarily get any other way. She manages to make everything look and feel completely unique and individual.

I chose to include the image below as I feel it sums up everything I’ve been saying about it being a completely different world. When the model is under the water, everything turns weightless and feels so much more light. The formation of the material in this piece is spectacular. I love how the material from the dress goes straight across the image. From one side to another you’ve got this beautiful red strip floating around. It’s got quite a surreal feel to it as she’s just floating around and not standing or being propped up by anything.


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