Shoot 2 Winter- Step By Step

My two main colours that I was focusing on throughout this Photoshoot was white and blue as I wanted to go for an Ice Queen look, I used face paint as the base which is something I have not worked with before and I then used eyeshadows on top, to create the contour and glitter to create the highlighted areas. This shoot has been my favourite to create so far, as I have a huge imagination.

I found that with my Winter shoot I struggled with my time management more. This was down to the fact the makeup took so long, which made me panic about my timing in the studio, but as I soon discovered, panicking is the worst thing to do and that is when the images go wrong! I managed to get enough images in the short amount of time I had though, however maybe the outcome of my images would have been better if I had had more time, as I would have been able to focus more. Time management is something I will consider more on my next Photoshoot and think about how I can overcome the issue.


Just like I did with my Summer shoot, I took images of my model throughout the makeover as I love being able to look at the transaction at the end.

Products brought for my Winter shoot:

  • Ice Queen Tiara= £5.99
  • White Face Paint= £4.71
  • White Eyeliner= £5.50|42684148538|pla-291546489533&gclid=CJqpjtumxNMCFdXNGwodeQsHhQ
  • White Mascara= £6.00|42684147818|pla-292347761442&gclid=CJKTlfKmxNMCFfUV0wod1doGKQ
  • Glitter= £2.99
  • Blue Eyeshadow= £3.50
  • Other Glitters= £7.50
  • Artificial Snow= £4.49




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