Shoot 2 Winter- Final Image


This is my final image from my Winter photoshoot. I faced a rather large problem with my time management when shooting this season. I had underestimated the amount of time I would need to apply the makeup, which meant unfortunately I did not have as much time as I would have liked to shoot and I found myself rushing. Although I have come out with a final image I am happy with, I think it could have been better and depending on how much time I have left, I might consider whether I need to re shoot or not.

The makeup looked fabulous and I was incredibly proud of what I had produced. However, I found that because my model’s face was painted white, the images I was taking were coming out very over exposed. To solve this problem I had to decrease the amount of light being exposed to the camera sensor by narrowing my aperture settings. Even by increasing the F stop, I found my images were still over exposed, so I boosted the F stop even more, it was unfortunate as doing this was killing time, which I really needed.

For my Winter shoot, the accessories I chose to use were a crown, as I wanted my model to look similar to the Ice Queen. Originally, we did not use the coat, although it looked odd as I did not have enough white paint, for the entire body. When the coat was on, it pulled the whole image together and it almost came alive. When I think of the ‘Ice Queen’ I think of Narnia and the Wolves and to me, this coat summed those two words up completely.

I chose baby blue as my background for this season, partly because I wanted to go by the results from my survey, but also I think it works really well against the other tones of blue. It is bright enough to catch your eye, but not too bright that it takes your attention away from the model. I experimented using a darker blue, just so I could see what worked best, but the dark blue was too empowering and the fur coat was blending in too much.

Overall, I am happy with the image and incredibly happy with the makeup. I just would have liked more time to shoot, this is down to my time management. To solve this problem, for my next shoot, I think I will create a schedule with how much time I have and break it down, therefore I know how much time I should be spending on creating the look and how much time I have in the studio. Hopefully this will solve the issue and I wont have to deal with this problem again.


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