Shoot 3 Autumn- Contact Sheet


Here I have included a contact sheet from my Autumn shoot today, as I wanted to be able to look at all of my images next to each other. This helps me to decide what I think worked well, what I was not keen on, the angles I like and I can look at the lighting.

From looking at the first row of my images, I could instantly tell I had a vertical shadow appearing on the right hand side of the image, this was because my shutter speed was too high, not allowing enough light into my image. So after discovering the problem, I changed the shutter speed and I quickly overcame the problem.

I can also tell that I much prefer the images were my model has her head turned slightly, as this allows you to see more of the makeup and accentuates her facial features. I felt the images, where she is facing straight on, where rather boring and were not exciting me.

I tried shooting my model with her hair both behind and in front, on her chest. However, I felt that when the hair was on her chest, it distracted me from the autumnal leaves, because her hair is so dark. So after trying this out and experimenting with her hair, I placed the hair behind my model and I was much happier with the results.

Products brought for my shoot:

  • Artificial Autumn Leaves– £5.49
  • Backstage Beauty Lashes– £12.36

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