Shoot 3 Autumn- Showing Development


When creating the look for my Autumn shoot, I initially decided to not use false eyelashes, as I felt it might have taken away the vibrant colour around the eye and looked too harsh. However, when we were in the studio and began shooting, something did not look right. My model’s eye did not look as bold as I would have liked and they were not standing out.

Therefore, in the spur of the moment, I decided to give the false eyelashes a go, to see if that made a difference. Instantly, my model’s eyes stood out and the false eyelashes made her eyes look so much bigger and alive. The lashes slightly took away the orange colour on her lid. However I quickly solved this issue by bringing the colour higher up, nearer to her brow bone and deepening the colour on the bottom lid and then blending it out.

I am glad I changed my mind and experimented to see what worked best, as my images looked a lot stronger, just from that one small thing.


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