Shoot 3 Autumn- Final Image

finished RGBx

Here is my final image from my Autumn shoot. This is definitely my favourite image out of the three seasons so far. I adore the Autumnal colours and working with a darker skin toned model, with dark hair, worked perfectly and turned out better that I could have imagined!

My main inspiration for this project, being Kirsty Mitchell who creates all of her own outfits and props, gave me inspiration to have some fun and be creative myself. Therefore I went out and brought these gorgeous leaves, in a variety of colours, appropriate to the season, as well as wire. I then created my very own Autumn headband and glued them onto an old top I found, which worked perfectly. I wanted to make this shoot as Autumnal as I possibly could and the leaves just did the job!

When it came to the make-up, I decided to not go as heavy as I had the previous two shoots, as I wanted this season to be predominantly focused on the leaves. I knew I wanted to incorporate colours from the leaves, into the make-up. Therefore I created a vibrant,smokey orange eye. I purposely did not use dark colours on the eye, as I wanted the eyes to pop and stand out as much as possible. This also helps my model’s eyes to appear whiter. I created an ombre lip, using eyeshadows, as I had to be creative with what I could use for make-up. An ombre lip is a gradation of colour that evolves from lightest to darkest, beginning at the centre of the mouth and is then outlined by a darker shade.By having an ombre lip, it makes my model’s lips appear bigger than what they are.

During my previous shoot, Winter, I struggled with the lighting and found myself with a lot of shadows, which I struggled to get rid of. Since then, I have spent time researching into basic beauty lighting, as I wanted to see if there was a simpler alternative, but something that would work even better. I took note of a few lighting diagrams and planned them into my Autumn shoot and I was amazingly surprised. I went from using two lights with my Winter shoot, to one light and a softbox and the difference was amazing! The only shadow that appeared was under the nose, however I managed to get rid of this using a reflector. The shadow was caused because my light was at a 45 degree angle, looking straight down onto my model. Despite the fact the lighting was more simple this time round, I felt the outcome was much stronger. The images looked more professional and using a softbox made my model’s skin look extremely soft.

Overall, I am thrilled with the outcome for this season. I will be taking my new found knowledge of beauty lighting with me, onto my next shoot, being Spring.


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