Comparing My Work To Kirsty Mitchell


Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 10.10.23

My Winter photoshoot was  inspired by Kirsty Mitchell’s image, The White Queen. I was astounded when I found out that Kirsty had created the dress and all of the accessories in the image. It motivated me to be creative throughout my project and use props for my seasonal shoots.

Mitchell’s image is alot darker than mine, I wanted mine to be more upbeat and colourful, as colour is really important within this project for me. In Kirsty Mitchell’s image, she has used purple tones, whereas I have used more blues. I showed my model ‘The White Queen’ image, as the facial pose, was exactly what I wanted to recreate in my image. By not smiling I felt it made my image look more intriguing and create a mood.

Seeing as Kirsty Mitchell spent over five months creating this image, I spent a fraction of that, so considering I only spent around two weeks preparing for my photoshoot, I am very pleased with my image.



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