Shoot 5 Spring- Final Image


Last week was my final season shoot, Spring. I was rather worried that people would not be able to tell the different between my Summer image and my Spring one, as I wanted to use pink in both of my shoots. Therefore I went out and brought Easter Eggs, which I combined into the head and body piece that my model wore. The head piece and body piece were actually ornaments from my bedroom, which are usually wrapped around my headboard. However, as they had wire inside them, I knew they would easily bend and I thought they would be perfect to wrap around my model.

I chose a model with blue eyes, pale skin and blonde hair as this worked well with the pastel colours and it made her eyes stand out. I was unsure as to what colour background to use for this shoot and I had asked other people, as I wanted other opinions. The three most popular answers were yellow, pink and green. However I ruled pink out, as this was my Summer colour. Therefore I experimented with yellow and green backgrounds in Photoshop, to see what workScreen Shot 2017-05-12 at 11.33.37ed well for me.

However, when I played around with different shades of green, it was not working for me and I much preferred the image with a yellow background. I also showed the green background to a few other students in the class, however they all preferred the yellow background. I feel like the yellow works better with the pink in the image.

I used simple beauty lighting again for this photoshoot, which consisted of one light, facing onto the model, at a 45 degree angle. I also used a reflector to balance out any shadows that occured.

Products brought for my shoot:

  • Floral Headpieces– £15
  • Easter Eggs– £3.90
  • Makeup Geek Eyeshadows– £10
  • Yellow Lipstick– £5.30




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