MOO Business Cards

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 14.02.23

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 14.02.35

Today we had to create our own business cards and I decided to use Moo, as I have heard great reviews. The quality of the prints are supposed to be very professional and it is meant to be a very easy website to use and the cards are a reasonable price.

When going onto the website for the first time, you had to create an account to be able to make your own business cards. Creating an account was very straight forward and took only a few minutes. There was a huge variety of different layouts to chose from, but I knew that I wanted something very simple.

I chose the layout shown above as I liked the way the front of the card was white and grey, both very simple, but then had that one line of colour. I knew I wanted to use my favourite season from my project, which is Autumn. So I had this image in my head of having a vibrant orange, for my name displayed in bold letters, on the front of my cards. I wanted to match the orange writing to the orange background of my Autumn final image. Although my design and layout were both so simplistic, I thought it looked very professional and eye catching.

I paid for 50 business cards, which take about a week to ten days to arrive. The cards themselves came to £13.19, but with postage as well it came to a total of £17. The cards will arrive in their own little box, which I will place underneath my work at the Summer Show.


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