Overcoming a serious problem!


Having spent hours editing my four final images, deciding what colour backgrounds I was going to use, I finally thought I was finished with the post production side to the project. I asked one of my lecturers to have a look at my images as I wanted his opinion, unfortunately when he went into Photoshop, he discovered that I had some how resized my images to a tiny size! This meant if I was to print them as they were, the images would come out pixelated and blurred. I was gutted, as I had spent such a long time editing them and was so pleased with how they looked. However, I knew I could not print my end of year images, being pixelated.

At first, I could not understand how I had managed to turn the images so small. After thinking about, I realised it was from where I had cut my models out against the green background and dragged the image onto a coloured canvas. When creating the canvas, which I would be changing colour, I had accidentally created a canvas that was far to small. Therefore, when dragging the model across, I had to scale the image down a lot, to allow it to fit onto the canvas. However, I was not aware that this was drastically affecting the quality and size of the image.

Luckily, I had saved the four original images before starting my editing, which meant I was able to go back into Photoshop and start again. To stop the problem happening again, I selected my model, using the quick selection tool and the mask tool. I then created a blank canvas which I sized myself this time, rather than letting Photoshop create the canvas size for me. I sized the canvas to the same size as my four final images, 33.87cm (width) and 50.8cm (height) and made sure my canvas was going to come out portrait. This meant, that when I dragged my images onto the coloured canvas, I did not have to scale them to fit, they fitted perfectly and all I had to do, was place them into the correct position.

I am so glad I came across this problem now, rather than after half term, when our priority is printing and framing. As I would have been very tight for time, making sure the images were re-edited and still had enough time to print. I was dreading having to reedit my images, however I feel the images looked more appealing than the previous ones. This is because how much post production I have been doing recently, I have improved.


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