Summer Show Rough Layout


As the Summer Show is very quickly approaching, I am starting to plan and think about how I want my work exhibited. As I said in a previous blog post, I have decided to have my work printed on pearl paper, as I want a slight gloss but not so glossy that it appears to glare. Fingerprints do not show up on pearl paper and in my opinion, it is the most professional looking.

As I am having four A3 images, they will not fit on the board being side by side, therefore I have to place them in a square set up. I am placing them in order of the seasons, as shown above in my layout draft. I don’t want too much of a gap between each image, as they are a set, therefore I want them to be reasonably close to each other. Having placed my images on a blank document, which I am imagining is my exhibition board, I am happy with the layout and think my piece of work is very eye catching having used such vibrant colours.

Below my set of four images will be my artist statement, which consists of a brief explanation of what my project is about and will be between 50-100 words. Then beneath that, will be my 50 business cards which I am waiting to arrive. I think my board is going to look well laid out and professional, which is exactly what I am going for.


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