One To One Tutorial With Feedback

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 11.34.32

Above is the one to one tutorial I had with one of my lecturers four weeks ago. I wanted to look back a final time at my feedback, to evaluate how I took on board my feedback and pushed myself further, to get the best possible grade.

As suggested, I did a lot of research into some of the historical forms of fashion photography, the big names that kept appearing were Cecil Beaton and Edward Steinchen, both of whom were mentioned in my feedback. I created two separate blog posts on both photographers, including my favourite images they had shot, some information about them and what sort of work they did.

I created a large blog post on Kirsty Mitchell, my main inspiration for this project. I spent a lot of time researching deeper into her White Queen work as it relates to my project the most.  My tutor mentioned creating GIF’S for my shoots, however I had already finished my shoots when this was spoken about. However, if I was to redo my project, it would definitely be something that I would consider as it would be something different and show that I have thought outside the box.

I felt the feedback was incredibly helpful, it gave me that extra boost I needed and motivated me even more. I am so happy with how hard I have worked throughout this project and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.


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