Final Evaluation

Final Evaluation


When we were given the Final Major Project brief I was unsure of what I wanted my project to be based on. Our project was spread out over a period of four months, so I knew I wanted to create my project, based around something I knew a lot about and was passionate for seeing as I needed to stay motivated and inspired throughout the whole project. Seeing as I am going to be studying Make-Up and Hair Design at University, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to use my skills and base my project around beauty.

Despite knowing that I wanted to include beauty within my project, I was unsure of my concept. I ended up doing a lot of research, trying to find something that inspired me, when I came across an Instagram post, which consisted of four images, taken at the exact place on Dartmoor, but each photo was taken during a different season.  I was astounded by the different colours in each photo and suddenly had a lightbulb moment, where I decided to create four beauty portraits, using make-up to recreate my own version of each season.

Contextual Research

Once I knew what my project was about, I began my research by looking into the seasons, which colours relate to each one and was thinking about props I could use, such as flowers, leaves etc. I also did a lot of artist research and my main inspiration for the project was Kirsty Mitchell, who worked on a fantasy themed project called Wonderland, which included lots of creative make-up and hair designs. All of the props and outfits that were shown, were all handmade by Kirsty herself, this was something that I wanted to do myself as it made my project more personal and I wanted to put as much into my project as I could.

To be able to create the four looks, related to each season, I needed to know what colours I was going to be working with. Therefore after categorising each season with a few colours, I researched a lot deeper into the meaning of each colour.

Problem Solving

During my project, one problem I came across was during my Spring shoot, my model was wearing a floral headpiece which had light green stems and leaves in. However, as I was shooting against a green screen, this because a problem when I tried using the Quick Selection tool in Photoshop, as the colours were too similar and I was unable to separate the background from the headpiece. Luckily, I started shooting earlier on in the project than stated in the time plan, therefore I had plenty of time to reshoot. So I ended up reshooting, but against a white background, which solved the problem straight away.

Planning and Production

I planned my time by referring to my time plan, which was very effective during the project. It helped me to focus and stay on track and whenever I was struggling it set me on the correct path. By having a time plan it made me feel a lot more organised knowing how much work I had to produce each week to meet all the deadlines. I made sure I planned my shoots earlier than our lecturers were expecting us to shoot as I wanted to ensure that I had enough time, in case I needed to go back and re shoot for any reason.

Practical Skills

Last year I used Wix for my blog, however I fancied a change this year and decided to work with WordPress, which worked brilliantly for me. It was a lot easier to use, they had a bigger choice of layout designs and in my opinion, looked a lot more professional. The blog work came very easy to me, seeing as I had used a blog last year, so my knowledge helped.

I thoroughly enjoyed my four final photoshoots, I had so much fun creating each make-up look and shooting, I wanted to save my best work for the FMP and I honestly feel like I achieved that. I wanted to shoot in the studio as I felt over the past two years, I felt a lot more confident shooting in natural lighting and I think it is very important to push yourself out of your comfort zone and test yourself. From doing this, I have finished the project, feeling so much more confident in the studio and with using different forms of lighting.


I was very pleased with my project proposal presentation, which I thought was great for us all as it is perfect practise for University. During my presentation I made sure to have notes to refer, to help me incase I forgot anything when I was on the spot. I am quite a confident person, so for me, I found this task rather easy and straight forward, but it was good for me to be put on the spot.

I had a 1:1 tutorial with one of my lecturers who told me that my blog was looking fantastic and I was very much so up to date with everything, but he wanted to me to categorize everything in my blog as this just makes it easier to find your way around the blog, which I did.

Core Skills

I used my English skills to create an effective proposal and proposal presentation, both of which I put as much information into as possible. I also used them to make notes to plan each blog post. My maths skills came in handy when I had to begin budgeting and create pie charts. Budgeting prepared me for the cost of printing my images and made me realise how much I had already spent on the project so far. This was very helpful when working how much I wanted to sell my images for in the exhibition.

Character Development

I feel like throughout this project I have progressed a lot, confidence wise and improving my skills. My motivation was very high the whole way through the project, but I purposely chose my concept as I knew it would keep me motivated. By being motivated, I was constantly coming up with ideas and thoughts for my shoots and I would look forward to shooting. So I am so glad I chose a project that I knew I would really get into and work hard. I felt like our class really came together, everyone was so supportive of each other, giving advice on how we can improve our work and constantly being supportive. I found this really helpful and was always very reassuring. From referring to the character Matrix guide, I have definitely gained respect for other students in the class who gave up their own time on their project to model for me.

Summer Show

I felt very nervous about the Summer Show, I think because I had worked so hard throughout the project and was worried about what other people would think of my work, seeing as everyone has their own eye for art. However, the private viewing was amazing, I thoroughly enjoyed it and the comments I was given on my work were fantastic and so reassuring. It was lovely to see everyone come together and all our hard work had paid off. I felt the class worked as a team to create a fantastic show, from creating the slide show, poster, putting up the exhibition boards and deciding whose work was going where.

High Points and Low Points

Overall, I am most proud of the four images I have produced, it shows how much hard work I have put into the project and shows my passion for beauty. I enjoyed my research into Kirsty Mitchell and she has most certainly become one of my favourite photographers. Low points, would be at the start of the project when all of my friends knew exactly what they were doing for the project and had already started planning. However it took me quite a while to come up with my idea and it really stressed me out. Although when I finally decided what I was doing, I then became so motivated and very quickly caught up.

Time Management

Total hours spent on project:

Start of project: 23rd February

End of project: 16th June

Weeks between those two dates: 16 weeks

Days in college: around 48

Hours in college: 8

48×8= 384 hours

Total hours spent thinking of ideas and researching: 90 hours

Total hours planning: 100 hours

Total hours shooting: 30 hours

Total hours editing: 30 hours

Total hours spent uploading posts to blog: 50 hours






TOTAL: 82%




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